Top 5 Gorgeous Babe Artists & Actresses

Artists, Actresses & Models are constantly being talked even if it’s about their haircuts, clothing, acting jobs or who they date. Artists, Actresses & Models are consistently in the spotlight and their every movement is being looked at. The best thing is that a lot of the celebrities are foxy, so they are amazing eye candy.  The girls of Hollywood most likely have the most burden in attempting to look cute every moment. There are those very few celebrities that truly stay looking beautiful does not matter where they head out too. The females on this Top 5 list are of a wide range of age and a collaboration of performers, film actresses and models. They is no particular array.

1. Eva Mendes

2. Kate Beckinsale

3. Kaley Cuoco

4. Cheryl Cole

5. Jenny McCarthy

Of course there are a lot of lady celebrities that would make this Top 5 list, but these are absolutely our favorite at this moment. These celebs have validated themselves in the industry and have totally established that they will be in the spotlight for years to come. Do not forget these celebs are gifted and hard working too.

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